Gentle Refreshing Toner

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Gentle Refreshing TonerGentle Refreshing TonerGentle Refreshing TonerGentle Refreshing Toner

Product Ingredients

Fusing the latest scientific technology with premium natural and organic ingredients carefully sourced  all around the world, our products offer the ultimate in anti-ageing power.

Ingredients to plump, hydrate, rejuvenate that are rich in antioxidants:

Certified Organic Rose water, Saccharide isomerate, Chondrus Crispus extract, Sodium Hyaluronate( Hyaluronic acid ), Sea Buckthorn berry oil, Beta Glucan, Willow herb leaf/stem Extract 

Ingredients to balance and repair:

Chamomile extract, Calendula extract, Green tea extract 

Ingredients to refine pores, smooth and brighten:

Lime Pearl (AHA's), Orange & Lemon (AHA's), Hamamelis Virginiana, Cane sugar (AHA's)/ Probiotics, Maple sugar (AHA's) /Probiotics, Bilberry fruit extract (AHA's) Vegan friendly, Natural preservative, 100% Natural Fragrance

100% Natural Fragrance and Preservatives

Nasties not included

Only natural and safe ingredients, and proudly

GMO Free
Cruelty Free
PEG Free
Sulfate Free
Mineral Oil Free
Petrolatum Free
Propylene Glycol Free
Paraben Free
Phenoxyethanol Free
Silicone Free
Volatile Alcohol Free
No Artificial Fragrances
No Artificial Colours

How to Use

Step 1

Hydrating Cleanser

Step 2

Refreshing Gentle Toner

Step 3

Essential Smoothing Serum

Step 4

Super Charge Serum